Economic Benefits

VETT achieves a significant improvement of the economics of a low head hydropower systems by first and foremost reducing the costs.

  • The amplified head created from the VETT allows a smaller, faster, more economical turbine to be installed
  • A smaller and faster turbine significantly reduces the footprint and dimensions of the civil infrastructure required, also by making the requirement for a gear box obsolete.
  • 80% of the water travels unimpeded through the venturi and not through a turbine. Fish screening is therefore only required for the 20% turbine flow.
  • The structure can be fabricated from any material to suit the site from steel or concrete to aluminium or GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The materials can be sourced locally to reduce costs and boost the local economy.

The design, fabrication and installation of VETT uses truly tried and tested materials and technologies from the Civil Engineering and offshore energy industries. These include technology transfer from hydropower and water treatment practice, methods of offshore jacket design, fabrication and load-out, hollow concrete gravity-base structures and subsea foundations. Proven approaches and materials are used that have been weathering hostile conditions in onshore and maritime applications, in some cases for over 50 years.