Environmental Benefits

VETT's structural, operational and installation specifications can accommodate for sensitive environmental parameters due to its design and configuration flexibility. As a result, VETT is able to achieve a balance between minimising the environmental impact of the site and maintaining its purpose as an economically viable solution to generate renewable hydropower.


VETT minimises its impact on the local environment as:

  • It is designed to maintain and preserve the current hydrodynamic and sedimentary regime, which in turn, will minimise the impact on fish and local terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Conventional river management techniques such as by-pass for flooding or for fish transit can be incorporated into the design.
  • It is porous, allowing all of the flow to pass through the system, with 80% passing through the venturi. For estuary applications the tide can pass through the device with minor attenuation of the tidal signal which minimises the impact on the upstream or downstream conditions. This feature allows it to have a reduced impact on natural sediment cycles and sediment transport and supply which often leads to long term morphological changes at the proposed site.
  • The lightweight structure can be easily integrated into existing water-course infrastructure, minimising the extensive intrusive site preparation and foundation dredging requirements common in other hydropower technologies.