Coaxial VETT

Detailed schematic of Coaxial VETT

Co-axial VETT are well suited to non-tidal rivers and streams. These devices are suitable at micro-hydro locations where 2 m head is typically available. These applications provide a viable source of energy for domestic, community and agricultural consumers wishing to offset their grid consumption as well as for users remotely located from the commercial grid. VETT accommodates full or partial waterway crossings depending on ownership and shared usage requirements.

Power Range <100 kW
Construction Steel, Concrete or Glass Reinforced Plastic with Minimal Moving Parts.
Suitable Locations Weirs, Streams, Locks, Rivers and Industrial Cooling Systems.
4000+ UK sites identified by EA where local environment would benefit from a hydropower scheme.
Operational Conditions 1.5 - 3 m head
By-Pass VETT can be designed to accommodate recreational uses of the rivers and streams using by-pass configurations. Partial crossing devices can also aid the permitting cycle duration as complexity of ownership rights is reduced.
VETT's porosity allows the natural flow conditions to continue

Coaxial VETT in a laboratory simulated weir

Coaxial VETT in a laboratory simulated weir

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