Linear VETT

Linear VETT is uniquely suitable for power generation from tidal flows such as estuaries and tidal channels because of its benign environmental footprint and competitive capital cost. A VETT system, due to its constant flow-through of water, is substantially different to a conventional barrage system. Estuaries are identified as a key source of tidal energy within Europe, North America and Asia. A single VETT crossing has the ability to generate 250-1000 MW of power, depending on the crossing conditions.

Power Range >100 kW
Construction Steel or Concrete Structure
Potential Crossing Lengths 1 - 40 km
Suitable Locations Tidal Lagoons and Channels, Major Rivers, Tidal Estuaries and Straits.
Environmental Impact VETT allows the tide to pass through the device with minor attenuation of the tidal range.This minimises the environmental impact on the upstream or downstream ecosystems. By preserving the tidal signal in the landwards lagoon, impacts on flora and fauna are minimised.

Spectral Marine Energy Converter (SMEC)